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Make Your Small Space Feel Like A Walk In Closet!

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  • Folds to Protect Collars and Necklines
  • Hang Up to 10 Garment’s on 1 Hanger
  • Strong ABS Plastic Construction
  • 2 Hook Design for Easy Outfit Prep
  • Compact for Convenient Travel
  • Great for Children’s Clothes Too!

Flat Design Saves Space!

best space saving hangers

Folds to Protect Collars & Necklines

clothes drying rack USA

Flat Design = More Space

non slip hanger USA

Hang Up to 10 Garments on 1 Hanger!

Make Your Small Closet Feel Like a Walk In!

children hanger USA

10 Garments Lay Flat to Save You Space!

garment hanger USA

2 Hook Design Makes It Easy to Plan Tomorrow's Outfit!

Save Space! Save Your Clothes!

non slip hanger USA

25 Pack Offer - 2 Colors to Choose From!

On the Go

Take Wing Hangers Along!

Flat, foldable, swivel construction.

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What People Are Saying…

This is the most fantastic hanger I’ve ever seen. Now I don’t have to worry about stretching the necklines of my knit shirts. I luv them!


These hangers make ME smart! Thank you Wing Hangers for solving my closet space needs.


These hangers are so durable and strong. I can use for my coats and jackets!


I am saving so much closet space. It is fantastic for my door room closet. Now I have so much more space. More space — more clothes!


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